• Your child’s health and school attendance are very important to us.  From time to time it may be necessary for your child to take medications at school.   Please read and comply with the following rules and suggestions when bringing medication(s) to school.

    When bringing medication to school for your child, you must fill out a Medication administration form for each medication.  You may obtain this form from the school nurse or the office. Please bring the medication to the nurse’s office and the nurse and the parent will count and sign for the medication.

    Prescription medicine must be in the original bottle stating the child’s name and the name of the medication and dosage of the medication, and also when the medication is to be given.  We will only administer what the prescription says.  If any changes to the dosage, we would need a doctor’s note requesting the change of dosage before we could administer it.

    For prescription medication, please ask the pharmacist to divide the medicine into 2 containers, one for home and one for school.  This will eliminate the need to send medication bottles home each day.

    Over the counter medications must be in their original container and the label must be legible and within the expiration date.  Baggies and other containers will not be accepted. 

    If the requested dosage exceeds the recommended dosage for age and weight, the child’s physician must sign the medication administration form.

    Your child may carry in his/her possession a prescription inhaler or epi-pen only if you and your child’s physician have completed and signed the consent for self-administration.

    If you are sending a medication to be administered on an “as needed” basis (pain relievers, cough drops, etc.), please discuss with your child when he/she should use it and for how long.  We will not administer a PRN (as-needed) medication longer than 5 consecutive days without a doctor’s note.  This will avoid lengthy and unnecessary use of medication.